“He Tried To Kill Me Three Times!”

MarcosMoreiraMarcos Moreira lost his brother when he was only five years old and that tragedy brought him serious consequences. He found himself trapped in a downward drug-filled spiral but now tells us how he re-wrote his story.

“It was hard to come to terms with my brother’s passing. I didn’t just lose my brother, I lost my best friend. We were so close that as a child I’d wake up early just so I could spend time with him. I liked being around him so much that I’d sometimes cry asking him to take me with him.

I was devastated for years. I struggled to make sense of my feelings and what happened. This sent me down a dark path. I didn’t know how to fill the void that my brother’s absence left, so I was ready to try anything to numb the pain I felt inside.

At 14, I was already snorting cocaine. I saw some kids at school doing it and although I never felt like using drugs before, I decided to do it to be one of them.

But what started as a one off turned into a habit and as the time passed I also started using marijuana, drinking alcohol and taking ecstasy and poppers. I did all of this behind my mum’s back because I didn’t want to disappoint her. But that didn’t stop me from hanging out with the wrong crowd. I even started carrying a gun because I never felt safe. I was always surrounded by dangerous people.

I remember on one occasion, a man coming up to me at a party to tell me that he had tried to kill me three times but had failed. He called me lucky but looking back, I believe that it was God answering my mum’s prayers for my protection.

My mum always did her best to try and help me and when I was around her, I’d feel good for a while. I was now so different from the little boy she once knew. Everything I did was an attempt at filling the void I felt, even down to my tattoos. I felt so numb since my brother’s death that the sting of the needle made me feel something—I liked it. I could easily spend 5 hours at a tattoo parlour, but when my mum invited me to church I could not even spend one hour there. To make matters worse, my father had problems with cigarettes and alcohol.

In another attempt to fill in my void, I decided to move to England. My intention was to make some money here and return to Brazil with a better life and I had great expectations for that new experience. Shortly before I came, my father passed away due to problems related to his alcohol and smoking consumption. Although it was a very sad moment for me, I was so determined to come to the UK that I still went ahead with my plans.

But contrary to what I thought, when I got here things only got worse. As I had left everything behind in my home country, I placed huge pressure on myself to reach my financial goals quickly, as this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. When I arrived and saw that things were not happening as quickly as I wanted, I became very anxious. Consequently, I would smoke several cigarettes, a lot of marijuana and take pills to try and ease that anxiety.

I remember one day I was under the influence of drugs and when I looked in the mirror I saw my father’s face. It was as if the evil that was in his life had been transferred to me and now I was sinking into that same habit. That was the worst moment of my life. I started reflecting on everything and realised time was passing and I was stagnant. I had many dreams in my mind but no strength to go after them. Living my life in my own way was not working, but I knew what I had to do. I needed God’s direction. I called a friend from Brazil who attended the Universal Church and told him that I wanted to leave everything wrong behind and change my life.

He advised me to go to my nearest branch and ask for help. I went there on a Friday Deliverance Service and was advised and guided by people who were really willing to help me. I made sure to apply all the advice received and decided to replace the negative habits I had, such as using

drugs, smoking and drinking, with positive habits, such as meditating on the Word of God. It was not easy as I was not used to doing these things, but my faith empowered me to stick to my decision.

As a consequence of my perseverance, I developed a relationship with God and His presence filled all that emptiness I had within me. Today I no longer depend on any kind of drug to ‘feel at peace’ because I have real peace that comes from Him. I know that hardships will always come, but I’m no longer anxious because I know that, regardless of the circumstance, God is with me and I will overcome.”


Marcos Moreira

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