There’s a door waiting to be opened!

The Last door article

What happens when there are more problems in your life than you believe you can handle? What happens when you become disheartened and lose hope? Do you continue knocking on doors in the hope of finding an answer, or do you give up and accept defeat?

Whether you lost your job during the pandemic, or became distanced from loved ones, Covid19 has caused distress in many ways for a number of people. If you’ve tried everything but still haven’t been able to find a solution, don’t give up!

You may have tried many doors in the hope of finding peace and solace, but have you tried the Universal Church’s door where you can experience the power of God in your life? For many people this is usually the last resort, but, when they do find God, they also find their solutions.

There is always a door you haven’t knocked on and that’s why on Sunday 3rd October at 10am, the Universal Church will be holding The Last Door Event, welcoming everyone that is looking for answers.

Walk through our doors and you’ll find the word of God and powerful prayers. All you are required to bring, is your faith and the desire to take action. Come along and make this the last door you knock on.

Date: Sunday, 3rd October 2021
 10am (also at 7.30am)
Location: Your local UCKG branch