The Love Walk Spreads Love in the UK

at Finsbury Park, learn about each other,

Autumn in London is synonymous with rain, wind and cold but to the keen eye and warm at heart it can become the most romantic season of the year. With its shades of orange and red, the mild breeze that is not too cold, and cosy enough with the right clothing, the season has love written all over it and is perfect for snuggling up with that special someone. It is also the perfect season to spread the joy of love to those who only see the grey and gloom and that is what couples actually did on Saturday 26 October in Battersea Park, London, by taking part in the Love Walk.

Even before 2pm, the time the event was set to commence, couples and singles alike started arriving at the park wearing their promotional t-shirts and carrying their questionnaire booklets in preparation for the activity that would take place. The booklet contained questions that a couple could ask one another so that they could learn about each other a little better and pinpoint areas of their relationship that they could improve on. Singles also had a different booklet, that they could use to ask themselves what they could improve upon and target what type of person they really wish for themselves.

Bishop Alvaro, leader of the UCKG in the UK, started the event alongside his wife with a special message, ‘I am sure that this day will be a great plus for everybody here. As you know, couples sometimes don’t talk because of their busy schedules, or they think that everything is okay, assuming that their marriage is fine, but when they stop everything and come to The Love Walk, they start talking about certain things that are really important and it helps them to solve problems and deal with whatever is affecting their marriage so that they can have a healthy love life’.

The Love Walk is an extension of the meetings held every week by Pastor Edward and his wife Ana at Finsbury Park. The meeting, called The Love Therapy, deals with matters related to relationships and love life, whether people are already committed or single. At the event, he had some wise words for those participating, ‘We are here at Battersea Park despite the rain, which is characteristic of the city of London, but the beautiful thing is to see that so many couples came out of their houses and comfort zones to be here. Today, couples are going through the guidelines and questions in the booklet, which they don’t ask each other on a daily basis but are important to practise. Things will be decided during their talk here today, which need to be followed up with practice later, so that is the most important point for those participating – practise what you have decided and follow it up’.

The event is held every year by the UCKG HelpCentre all over the world to promote dialogue between couples and provide tips on how to build a healthy love. If you missed it, there will be another one next year but you don’t have to wait that long to invest in your love life. Why don’t you join us at The Love Therapy Seminar? It takes place every Thursday 8pm at 232 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3NX and all are welcome.