The God Who Answers with Fire

The Spirit of God,

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Ever since the beginning of time, humans have developed their abilities by what they see and observe. We are naturally visual creatures, and what is presented in front of our eyes we usually believe as the truth. Through His word, God promises to show us His power and make great things happen in His name, so that we might see and glorify Him. He knows that we are visually oriented and our beliefs must be followed by results that can be observed. The only condition is that He asks us to believe before seeing, so that we may challenge our own inherent instincts of following what we see yet still have proof of the fulfilled promise.

When we have certain beliefs, we must be careful to analyse them and see what results they bring to our lives. God has always called forth men and women who put His word to the test. This is especially true when all hope seems lost and everyone is against us or our beliefs.

When Israel was under the false belief that Baal was a god, Elijah was the only one with the courage to stand up and challenge the followers of this sect. His challenge could have sentenced him to death and put his faith to shame, but he knew God intimately, and upon his sacrifice, God honoured his faith by answering with fire. Elijah revolted against that situation, and he knew his God was the One and only true God, even though no one else shared his belief. On Mount Carmel, everyone SAW that the God of Elijah was the one true God because He answered them!


How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” 1 Kings18:21


When we know that God is great and can fulfil the promises He makes in His word, we must provoke the miracle by taking up the challenge and lifting up the banner of our faith. God will answer our prayers, and the result of our faith will glorify God. When you dare to challenge – the fire of God comes down. But in order to receive this courage, you must also possess the Spirit of God in you. When you assume and seek His Spirit wholeheartedly, He will live inside you. Only then will you truly know that God is with you, and your courage becomes evident. You are then ready to put your neck on the line for your faith. When you truly understand that God is awesome and wants to heal, deliver, prosper, and be glorified, you can’t abide idleness or live a life of praise alone. You want to act upon His Word and see results.

If you are living a life that does not glorify God, or you have a situation that is putting your faith to shame, you have to revolt against it. Stop accepting a life that does not magnify the God that you believe in. Make the decision to realise the promises written in God’s word. Seek His Spirit and be courageous and bold in order to invite God’s attention through your challenges. Put your faith in His word into practice in your daily life. If you haven’t seen these results in your life, then you haven’t truly known the God Almighty. You have to rage against complacency because God wants you to see Him acting through you.

When you start living the life that God wants you to live, everything starts to change. You don’t live by words alone, but through action. When you act, people SEE God through His miracles and wonders working in you. God wants all Christians to bear witness of His power working through them. This is the only way of showing the world that your faith is true and powerful. God answers with fire! If He didn’t, how would we know that He is true? How many gods has this world seen who don’t answer and bring zero results to their believers? The God of Elijah answers with fire to beat down all doubts and disbeliefs. If you do as Elijah did, then God will answer with fire in your life as well.

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