The Fast of Daniel

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The Fast of Daniel

In the same way that the purity of a certain substance or mineral shows its level of perfection, our relationship with God can also be measured by how close we are to Him and how far we distance ourselves from things that contaminate our faith.

Even if we have been Christians for a long time, there are certain habits or opinions that we inadvertently pick up which keep us occupied with superfluous things. These time wasters may seem harmless at first, but they are a distraction and, given time, may even lead us to get cold in the faith. They can develop into problems that could potentially make us distance ourselves from God. That is why the UCKG HelpCentre will begin the Fast of Daniel. In the same way that Daniel abstained from eating unhealthy foods for his physical and spiritual wellbeing, we will abstain from what is unhealthy for our spirit.

For 21 days – from 19 May to 9 June – we will cut out any form of secular entertainment, news or anything else that could be a distraction. It will be 21 days of prioritising the things of God through prayer, praise, worship and any activity that brings us closer to God. By prioritising our spiritual life, we let go of things that distract us and make more time to enrich our relationship with Him. By doing this, we can work towards having a better intimacy with God because we deny our carnal nature in order to fulfil His desires. That is when we are purified so that He may bless us with His Spirit.

The Fast of Daniel is for anyone who would like to abstain from superfluous things in order to have more time to focus on his or her spiritual life. We also urge you to attend our services as many times as possible because we will be seeking the Holy Spirit at the end of each service. This is to ensure that all who participate may come closer to God and experience His power in a way like never before.

Event: The Fast of Daniel
Date: 19 May to 9 June
Time: See our schedule
Location: Your local UCKG HelpCentre