The Life Event

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What comes to your mind when we talk about bread, and how important is bread to you?

Well, if you are one of those people that forget to take your bread out of the toaster until it starts burning, then it probably isn’t that important. However, if you can’t leave for work in the morning without having a slice of bread, then it is truly important to you.

But did you know that in ancient times bread had a deeper meaning? It wasn’t just food, like today, that needed butter or jam to taste nice. Psychologist David Arnow explains that the word itself was “synonymous” with food. This means that bread was used when describing all types of food; therefore, it was seen as sustenance and a core of life.

Makes you feel bad for burning your toast, right?

Fast forward to today, and bread is not as dependent upon as it once was. Instead, this basic nutrition has been replaced by other factors that are now seen as the core of life – career goals, ambitions, family, love life, etc. Bread was so essential that money, another fundamental asset, has been referred to as bread in today’s slang.

All these things are areas in people’s lives that drive and inspire them daily. Unfortunately, when people face setbacks and disappointments in life, it often stifles the same areas that they solely depend on. This causes their life to become somewhat dead!

But on Sunday, 26 March, we – at the UCKG HelpCentre – want to challenge that status quo and bring sustenance to your life again with the Bread of Life event. So, which area of your life would you like to revive?

Career prospects – Do they seem dead?

Relationship – Do you have a lifeless love life?

Health – Is it an ongoing problem?

Family – Is the unity slowly dying?

Inner self – Are you plagued with negativity?

No matter what you are experiencing, bring your case to the Author of life. Alleviate the disappointments around you and bring your problematic areas back to life again.

Remember, you can’t sustain your life without the bread of life.

Event: The Life Event
Date: Sunday 26, March 2017
Time: 10am
Venue: At your local UCKG HelpCentre

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