The Beauty Filter That’s Shocking the Internet

Bold Glamour
In recent weeks, a very controversial subject has been circulating on social networks, especially on Tik Tok. The video platform created a new filter that caught the attention of users, Bold Glamor.

The new effect is capable of carrying out a type of facial harmonisation, leaving lips bigger, cheeks and nose contoured, smoother skin and eye make-up.

But unlike other filters, “Bold Glamor” adapts to the human face and does not distort or fail.

A user of the platform published a video using the filter and, in the end, showed her true appearance, revealing that she does not have one of her eyes. Another also showed how her face was completely different, but extremely realistic.

After going viral, the new effect has divided opinions and reignited the debate about the supposed use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In an interview with NBC News, a psychologist warned about the use of the filter and also about the important role that social networks play in people’s lives, especially young people.

Platform users, on the other hand, argue that the filter should have a warning about facial adjustment, as, for some, it can distort reality and self-esteem, in addition to affecting mental health.

The excessive use of social media can bring a negative effect on people leaving them feeling, insecure, envious and even fearful. It is vital to reflect on the place that technology occupies in our daily lives.