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If I know that my biggest problem is my emotional side, which leads me to feel and live by what my eyes see and what my ears hear, every time I ignore my feelings, I am overcoming my biggest problem. So how not to get caught up in it?

First I want you to know that it is not magic, nor is there a formula. I am fully aware that I have to deal with my emotions every day and this is one of my battles. It’s not easy.

The good news is that the longer you fight the battle and overcome, the stronger you become. The bad news is that you will end up distant from people who are driven by their emotions, and this is why they end up persecuting you…

Well, you can’t be spiritual and walk with those who aren’t. The person who isn’t spiritual will always try to get you out of the spirit, since they’re not on the same level.

Level? Do you mean that those who are spiritual are better than those who are not?

No, not better, but stronger.

Darlings, there are two worlds: the physical and the spiritual.

Most people live in the physical world, the one you see, touch, hear and feel. This is the world in which we are led by and become slaves of emotions. The spiritual world is on another level, where people don’t live by what they see, touch, hear and feel.

In the spiritual world, you are above your emotions and you end up being above your problems too. It’s not that you won’t have problems — everyone will always have problems —, but these problems don’t have to affect you or weaken you.

To live in the spiritual world you need to be thinking about spiritual things — and this is my second secret to keep myself in the spiritual world. I invest in it.
So let’s recap. To be spiritual, I…

1. …have friends who are spiritual, and distance myself from those who aren’t.
2. …think on the things that are above and I invest in knowing more about God and what He wants from me — every day.

In order for me to be in the spirit every day, I have to do this every day. You can’t do these things once and expect to be spiritual for life.

Spirituality requires being in spirit every day.

Cristiane Cardoso

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    Granny Tshabalala

    22nd June 2016

    I must strive to be in the spiritual world all the time were my emotions wont overcome me but instead I wl have the strength to overcome the physical world. To live in spirit everyday its the only way.

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