Journey to the Mountain of the Impossible: Mount Sinai

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Bishop Alvaro, leader of the UCKG (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God) in the UK has just returned from a holy pilgrimage to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. He took with him the prayers of thousands of people from all over the world who participated in the campaign of Israel, intent on calling upon God to perform miracles in their lives.

Mount Sinai is a site of historical and religious significance for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. It was here that God handed down the Ten Commandments to Moses, amongst other biblical events. The exact location of the Mount was contested up until a few months ago due to lack of evidence; however, it was thought that the most likely location was in Egypt. But, after years of research, important archaeological pieces to the great historic puzzle that is the exodus (where the people of Israel travelled after gaining their freedom) from Egypt to Canaan have been discovered. Previously closed off to the public, areas that had been designated and preserved as archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia were finally revealed.

There is much evidence there to show that these areas are the ones described in the Bible. These sites are easily recognisable as the Holy Scriptures describe them in precise detail. The fact that these sites have been so well-preserved until now is a miracle in itself.

The evidence of God’s descent on Mount Sinai to meet Moses is clearly found with the blackened mountain top, as the Bible describes God’s fiery descent.

Bishop Alvaro was accompanied by other bishops, leaders in the work of God in other countries. Bishop Macedo, UCKG´s worldwide leader, was also there and presented prayer requests from hundreds of thousands of people. These men of God who prayed for the people all held the same faith: In the same way that God came down as a fire in the time of Moses, they believe the same will happen again, and these requests will be answered with God’s fire.

The blessed timing of this opportunity in being able to visit the authentic and preserved site at Mount Sinai makes it a very wonderful way to begin the new decade. To make the experience even more complete, a Night Vigil will take place on 24 January 2020, where Bishop Alvaro will describe his experience there and ask for God’s direction in our lives. This is to motivate and inspire us to continue to fight for our dreams to become reality.

What a way to begin the new decade – the decade of strength!

Event: Night Vigil of the Blessing
Date: Friday 24 January
Time: 10pm
Location: Rainbow Theatre – 232 Seven Sisters Road, London, N4 3NX

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