I broke free from all negative influences

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vyginI never really had major problems to say the least, but I had issues that were having a big impact on my life as I was growing up.

At the age of nine I had somehow developed a desire for sex, which led me to lusting after females. At the age of eleven, I mixed in with the wrong crowd, who introduced me to porn, stealing, and were bad examples to follow in general.

This did not help my education at all as I was failing due to the bad habits I was picking up from my friends back then. Pornography gave me a distorted image of love, and led me to almost putting the sexual thoughts into action at the age of thirteen. At home, I also saw the relationship with my sisters deteriorate. At this point in life, I never thought I would remain in the house beyond 18 years of age.

I was then invited to the VYG and as I attended and became serious, I started putting the advice that I was receiving into action. In simple words I can say that I broke free from all negativity. I am now a role model to others, and I am succeeding in all areas of my life.

Elie Henry

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