How to design your office to maximise your productivity

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How to design your office to maximise your productivity

Did you know that your workspace could affect your productivity?

According to design and business expert, Despina Katsikakis, “The majority of office design focuses on reducing the cost of the space rather than on inspiring people to do better work”.

However, when the office space encourages creativity, openness, and communication between colleagues, this is when there is a boost in productivity. So, here are some tips on creating a great office space:


Have different spaces for different tasks, so employees can move around more. Also, design these spaces so they can focus on the specific task at hand.


It is important for employees to feel comfortable in their work environment, so make sure there is good air quality. According to Katsikakis, “In one test in the US, they doubled the capacity of the ventilation, which cost around £15 to £30 per occupant per year, and the impact on productivity was over £5,000 per employee per year”.


Nature always has a calming effect, even during hectic times. Whether it is a view of the outdoors through the window or photographs of nature, both can have a positive effect on your mind. And why not include a furry friend? Pets can be great ‘stress busters’. So, if your office allows, bring your pet to work!


Working together is a big part of being an employee so, creating a friendly environment for colleagues to come together is a great way to increase productivity.

For smaller offices, try offering classes to increase workers’ skills during the working day. This will help them develop and communicate better with one another. Bigger offices can set aside areas where colleagues can come together to brainstorm ideas and talk about things which can be improved.

Have you tried these tips, or do you know of any other ways to increase productivity in the workplace? Let us know in the comments below!


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