Hollywood stars put an end to their 17-year-old marriage


In a recent Interview with American tabloid Daily Mail, actor Dean McDermott revealed that him and his wife Tori Spelling decided to part ways.

The reasons that motivated the A-list actors to end their long-term marriage, according to journalists, entail numerous scandals such as betrayals on his part, financial issues and family interference.

The residing of Tori’s pets (dogs, chicken and pig) in the couple’s room and bed also motivated the divorce.

“We were having problems and it only got worse because we stopped sleeping in the same room. I couldn’t stand it anymore. So, I created a hygienic limit for myself and said ‘I can’t anymore, I can no longer live and sleep in these conditions. I just isolated myself more and more and she isolated herself with the children. We were roommates. We rarely ate together. We sat and had a family meal, but it was always disjointed,” McDermott said in an interview.

The actor also assumed that his problem with the excess of alcoholic beverages contributed to the end of the marriage.

He revealed that the ups and downs of his relationship often led him to feel alone and without the will to live, leading him down a spiral of negative habits and harmful behaviours.

The Hollywood stars who were previously a relationship reference had been together since July 2005 and have 5 children. Nonetheless, they are now one more couple in a long list of Hollywood couples who divorced after a long marriage.

Marriage is considered one of the most significant and memorable events, but many who one day signed a vow of commitment, love and fidelity, over the years are faced with a cold marriage, often leading to divorce.

However, even if Hollywood has not illustrated happy relationships, a fulfilled love life is indeed possible!

If you want to experience a successful marriage, know that it won’t happen overnight. It will take dedication, commitment and perseverance on your part. The process can also be very humbling as it entails analysing your character and behaviour, with the purpose of improving yourself.

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