“Her invitation was my lifeline”

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Her invitation was my lifelineI wouldn’t be married today if it weren’t for Samantha. In fact, I would still be heavily addicted to alcohol, using weed, and I would have been to prison a lot more than nine times…

I was on the coach that Samantha had provided to take people from Birmingham to an event held by the UCKG in London. I had a hangover, but I still went because I’d already bought a ticket. That was just the beginning…
I was welcomed; this made such a difference to me. I was amazed that people did not judge me. I was amazed at the sincere support, such that I didn’t know existed.

I was helped by volunteers who honestly wanted to make a difference, and that gave me hope.

It gave me the hope to look for work, to have the confidence to study and to change my life completely.

All of these happened because of Sam’s helping hand. Now Samantha is Mrs Dixon, the wife of a drug-free, sober and hard-working man, who has turned his life around. She started the chain that saved my life.

Andrew Dixon

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