Have you been a good clay?


In a Biblical passage from the book of Jeremiah, God compares His way of working in a human being with the way a potter works with clay.

The pottery represents the church and in the same way that the clay does not become a vase on the same day, neither does one’s entire life transform on the first day they arrive in the church.

First, the clay is found in the mire, so it’s usually dirty and full of impurities, even so the potter collects it because he will purify it. God follows this very principle, He seeks those who are at the bottom of the pit, with the sole purpose of cleansing them and making them new.

The clay is placed in water which will soften it as the potter cannot work with hard clay. The water which softens the clay represents the word of God in us which can soften even the hardest of hearts.

Some types of clay absorb water easily while others can remain in water over night and only be wet around the edges. Similarly, in the church, there are those who receive the word of God easily, while others do not. Only when the centre of the clay (the heart) receives the water (Word of God) inside, it is ready to be used.

Before starting to shape the pot, the potter needs to place the clay in the centre of the wheel. Only then will the potter be able to start the process of forming the pot. The same goes for us. Although we do not know the centre of God’s will, when we allow the Potter to place us there, He can begin to shape our character.

Often people become so obsessed with what they want from God that they forget to ask what He wants from them. However, when you are in the centre of the will of God, you don’t have to worry about any area of your life as He promises to take care of you.

Lastly, once the vase is ready it is placed in the sun to dry and finally the oven. The vase must withstand the intense heat in order to transform into a more strong and durable material. Likewise, it is necessary for us to go through tribulations (the fire) for us to become a good vessel that is fit and ready to be used by God.

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