Has January become the month for marriages to end?

Has January become the month for marriages to end
An article from the BBC reports that divorce rates have spiked up to 150% of the November, December and February average.

It was stated that the Christmas break was a snapshot of what couples experienced during the height of the Covid pandemic. The causes of divorce rates in January stem from many couples faced with the intensity and close proximity issues over Christmas.

Getting married is one thing, staying happily married is something else! This indeed requires a lot of work; however, we believe that your love life/marriage can be restored no matter what state it may be in.

Our weekly Love Therapy seminars take place every Thursday at 8pm, where we will help you get love right. You will receive weekly guidance on how to love intelligently, that is head over heart.

Coming up on the 7 March will be the Marriage Course, held by the Love Therapy seminar presenters Pastor Lucas and Mrs Camilla.

On the 25 May at our Kilburn branch, the Love Therapy team will host the Marriage Celebration for couples who want to present their union on the Altar to the Author of Love.

This year, the Love Therapy team will work to make sure you are not one more statistic but instead, one more that got love right!

Avoid the pitfall of love by investing in intelligent love!

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-64187350