Group Consecration the Love Team

Group consecration LT
From, Battalion group members to the VYG, over the past two Sundays we have witnessed the group’s consecration, this Sunday the Love Team will be consecrated.

Who are the Love Team and what do they do?

Our experienced team of volunteers is always on hand to make sure that everything goes smoothly before, during and after the Love Therapy seminars. They are there to assist the Love Therapy presenters and help the attendees book appointments.

The Love Team also play a major role in organising Love Therapy events, such as the Singles’ Hour, the Love Walk and many others.

They are always available for one-to-one support and prayer.

This Sunday we present to you the Love Team, as they are consecrated we will declare through prayer that they will be able to give back even more.

Don’t miss this special consecration, taking place at your local Universal Church this Sunday at 10am.

You can attend the Love Therapy seminar every Thursday at 8pm, at the Rainbow Theatre.