Glasgow HelpCentre formally opened

experience the power of God,

Glasgow HelpCentre formally opened

After many months of renovation work on the building, Scotland’s first UCKG HelpCentre was formally opened at 1104 Shettleston Road, Glasgow on 28 May. Although the HelpCentre will normally seat a congregation of 163, far fewer members, guests and friends were in attendance, under the current restrictions. 

The evening inauguration service was led by Bishop James Marques, who heads the UCKG in the UK, assisted by Pastor Fagner Pereira, the senior pastor for Glasgow and pastors James Martins, Nuno Bacala and Michael Souza. The bishop was also accompanied by Glasgow HelpCentre’s volunteer assistants. 

In the course of a two-hour service, prayers were dedicated to the wellbeing of the congregation overall, those suffering due to health problems, addiction, family/marriage problems, spiritual unease and financial difficulties. Testimonies of healing and life transformations were shared, and many were able to experience the power of God on this day through prayer.

Now that Glasgow HelpCentre is fully open, it offers the same range of services as all other UCKG HelpCentres, and supports special interest groups like the VYG for 14-25 year-olds and the Caleb group for seniors over 55, seeking companionship, support or both. 

The English services are held each weekday at 7am, 10am, 3pm and 7:30pm.  

Themes of the services are the same every week, and are:

Monday – Independence Project (prayer for economic security)
Tuesday – Health Day
Wednesday – Spiritual Growth
Thursday – Family Day and Love Therapy streamed from the UCKG’s headquarters (8pm)
Friday – Spiritual Cleansing
Saturday – Impossible Cases (7am)
Sundays – Empowerment/Sunday morning service, and Bible Study (6pm)

The Portuguese services will follow the same themes as the services in English and will take place Monday to Friday at 12pm and 6pm. On Sundays the main service will take place at 12pm. 

Everyone is welcome to attend the services and to obtain the spiritual support from our pastoral team. 


Notes to editors

UCKG is a Christian church and registered charity that offers a range of practical support activities alongside spiritual support and comfort and welcomes all-comers. It reached the UK in 1995 and has gone from strength to strength, providing support and spreading the Christian faith. There are UCKG HelpCentre branches in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

For further information please contact the UCKG HelpCentre Press Officer via e-mail on or direct line 020 7686 6033.





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