From inmate to homeless

From inmate to homeless
An article written by Reuters reports that a lack of housing and widespread homelessness in England are pushing many ex-inmates to re-offend and end up back in jail.

This can be a very challenging time for ex-inmates making them be twice as likely to re-offend, according to an HM Inspectorate of Prisons report.

20 Years ago the Universal Church started the, Rescue of Dignity group (ROD) which aims to support inmates, ex-offenders and their families on the path of hope through a number of support systems and activities.

It is clear that once released; inmates can often feel judged and create a reversed effect on reformed detainees upon release. Reformed individuals are known to face discrimination by neighbours in the community or rejection by fellow employees after having undergone a strict rehabilitation programme.

This Sunday at 10am at your local Universal Church we will consecrate the ROD group members, declaring that God will provide more strength, wisdom and guidance for each volunteer to continue making a positive difference in today’s society.

Do you know someone who can benefit from the ROD service? Click on this link and share it with them.