For all the modern day Obed Edom

Ark of the Covenant, God, Health And Human Services, if you consult Him, King of His people, vision and objectives,


Current and future entrepreneurs, people who want to be leaders and examples in their careers and business, gathered at the Rainbow Theatre for the unique moment when they will come face to face with the Ark of the Covenant – one of the most powerful symbols of the presence of the Owner of all gold and silver – God.

The atmosphere was speculative as business people from all parts of London, arrived, single minded, to make God their business partner for life.

Bishop Randal Brito conducted the meeting reminded those who were present, the benefit of having God’s presence in their midst, using the example of Obed Edom*, the man who, as a consequence of having the Ark in his house for 3 months, prospered – he and his household. 

With this understanding, the Ark was then ushered in on a red carpet. After placing it on the altar, everyone climbed the altar with their vision and objectives in hand. As they stepped down from the altar, you could notice that a new spark, a determination and renewed faith had been awakened in the minds of those who believed.

Every Monday for the next 3 months the Ark will be present for all who desire greatness with God as their partner in business decisions and in life.

The Bishop then outlined the 4 main representations of the ark – all of which are applicable today in the life of the entrepreneur who wants to excel in their life.

1. It’s a place of revelation.

In ancient times, the will and direction of God was shown to the people through the Ark. Before the army went to war, they consulted God in the Temple where the Ark was present. Nowadays, it’s not different. Today, God’s direction is available for anything you plan for your future, career, purchases, projects, and the like. God’s direction will lead you to the success you want if you consult Him.

2. It was a place of worship

The Ark was located in the Temple and people went inside to worship God. Meaning that, there was certainty of victory after enquiring for God’s direction, thanking and worshiping Him even before seeing anything concrete, was only natural.

This possibility is available when you receive God’s instructions, and trust to follow them.  You will return showing gratitude because your faith assures you that He will not fail.

3. The Ark was a place for the king.

As God was represented through the Ark, He was considered King of His people.

By having this faith we respect and consider God our Sovereign Leader today. 

The Bible shows us that, in times of wars and battles, the Ark of the Covenant was carried ahead of the army. Bishop Randal, couldn’t have put it better when he explained that, “That’s why it represents God, for us never to forget that He will not abandon us in our wars and battles. He’ll take charge, fight for us, and be with us all the time.”

4. It’s a place where testimonies are built

The Ark was also known as the Ark of Testimony and, as bishop determined, over these next three months, the Ark will be present every Monday at this special meeting and great testimonies and answers will come to pass in the lives of those who believe.

*See 2 Samuel 6:10-11