Could you benefit from the Marriage Course?

Could you benefit from the Marriage Course

Last Tuesday, 25 couples concluded the 7-week Marriage Course where they learnt how to fix the problems in their relationship or how they can improve an already blessed and happy home.

Some reported that they have already seen changes in their marriage throughout the course and are excited to continue implementing the advice they received.

“The marriage course is a blessing because you learn so much that you wouldn’t learn anywhere else and everything that you receive has such a big impact on your relationship. I would definitely recommend!” – Mrs Sara Noufang

The course, held by Pastor Willian and Mrs Bruna, his wife, consists of 7 classes of practical teaching and tools. This comprehensive course teaches couples how to draw closer to one another, effective communication skills and how to resolve conflict, among many other essential topics.

The seminars, based on the Word of God, also encourage couples to perform a self-evaluation and make changes to their behaviour which will, in turn, benefit their relationship.

The Marriage Course occurs twice a year at the Cathedral of Miracles (Outside London branches attend at their local Universal Church).

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