Are you living a vicious cycle in your love life?

Viscious Cycles

Many people are always dealing with the same issues. They live in a cycle of problems in their love life. Sometimes things improve for a short period but soon after, the situation gets even worse. But why does this happen? The truth is that many don’t understand that if they don’t remove the root of the problem, it will always come back stronger.

A cycle always has a beginning, then it goes around and ends in the same place. That’s what happens in many people’s lives: they go through cycles where the same situations keep happening. They keep repeating the same mistakes and things never change.

There are two roots that can lead people into a vicious cycle:

  • The human root: We only do what we learn. That’s why in order for people to change their love lives, they have to first “unlearn” the wrong things – break old habits, behaviour patterns and negative thoughts – and then learn what is right.
  • The spiritual root: Contrary to the human root, the spiritual root has nothing to do with what we have learned. Sometimes, even though people know and want to do what is right, they end up doing what is wrong. If you are not spiritually protected, evil can find a way into your life and act against you. Spiritual problems must be uprooted with the spiritual weapons of faith.

When it comes to love life, you should plant good seeds in your marriage. Once you start obeying the Word of God and “planting” what is good for your relationship, even though you will not achieve an overnight change – after all, planting is a process – as you persevere you will certainly reap what you have sown. The results you will reap in the future – whether good or bad – will be proportional to what you plant today.

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