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Rainbow Theatre
232 Seven Sisters Road
Finsbury Park, London
N4 3NX
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7am, 10am, 12pm, 3pm & 7.30pm
Saturdays: 7am (Impossible cases), 10am (Battalion) & 3pm
8pm (Love Talk Live)
Sundays: 7.30am, 10am, 4pm (Addiction Cleansing Therapy) & 6pm (Study of the Book of Revelation)

Portuguese Meetings:

Weekdays: 12pm & 7.30pm
Thursdays: 8pm (Therapy of Love)
Saturdays: 10am (Battalion)

Sundays: 7.30am, 10am & 3pm (Addiction Cleansing Therapy) & 6pm

Spanish Meetings:
Mon, Wed, Fri: 12pm & 7.30pm
Sundays:  8.30am & 12pm

VYG Meetings:
Wednesdays: 6pm
Sundays: 1.30pm


Other Locations: