A Single Opportunity


What if we told you that one opportunity can lead you to your future partner?

Once a month the Love Therapy team hosts the Singles’ Hour, this gives single people the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people in the hope to find their potential suit.

We know how nerve-racking it can be so the Love Therapy team is there to support you! Every Singles’ Hour we will assist you in interacting with other singletons, with fun games and activities.

With 12 months ahead of us that is 12 opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, make yourself known, and who knows find that potential other.

After the Singles’ Hour we will start our 7 month project for you that says you want to become a better version of yourself for you and your partner.

The Love Therapy seminar is held every Thursday at 8pm, at the Rainbow Theatre and also in our outside London branches.

Event: Singles’ Hour
Date and Time: Thursday, 26 January at 6.30pm
Location: Rainbow Theatre