3 reasons why you should get married


In the last two decades, cohabitation has become increasingly popular whilst marriage rates have radically declined in the UK. In 2021 statistics showed that the marriage rate dropped to its lowest since the 1890s.

Marriage is seen as unnecessary in today’s society and couples have preferred to move in together without the commitment of ever getting married. Perhaps you believe marriage to be a thing of the past or a mere piece of paper, however, there are many benefits to being in a happy and healthy marriage. Keep reading to find 3 reasons why you should tie the knot!

  1. Longer life

According to research, married men and women take better care of their health. Married people tend to eat healthier meals, are less likely to drink excessive alcohol and avoid taking unnecessary risks. This increases the chances of a healthier and longer life.

  1. Better quality of life

With the increase of living costs, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a single person to purchase a home or make ends meet. Married couples are more likely to afford a home amongst other expensive purchases.

  1. Lifelong companionship

Cohabitation provides an easy way out which means a higher chance of eventually breaking up. Many people have various long-term relationships throughout their lifetime and have a hard time settling down or starting a family. On the other hand, a healthy marriage means a lifelong companion which also reduces feelings of loneliness and sadness.

That’s why on the 25 May at 8pm in our church in Kilburn we will be having the annual Marriage Celebration! On this night 5 couples will be climbing the altar to exchange vows in the presence of God and their loved ones. We are also inviting married couples to come and renew their vows!

However, you don’t have to be married to attend and witness this beautiful ceremony – everyone is invited! Simply prepare your best outfit and don’t forget to invite a friend!

Event: Marriage Celebration
Date and time: Thursday, 25 May at 8pm
Location: 234 Kilburn High Rd, London NW6 4JP

Sources: https://www.modernghana.com/lifestyle/5701/10-advantages-of-being-married.html