12 Fridays of Purification – Love Life

12 Fridays of purification

Despite so many outlets to find love, the world has never seen so much frustration in the love life as seen in the last few decades. From dating websites and apps to social media platforms and even in concerts or pubs – the options are endless, yet the number of unhappy relationships continues to grow.

Last year, the estimated divorce rate was at 42%, the most common causes being: “unreasonable behaviour by a partner”, “separation of 2 years” and “adultery”. As a consequence, it seems that many people no longer believe that they can be happy in their love life.  

Furthermore, the repercussions of an unhappy love life can have significant effects on the other areas of your life. Studies show that the quality of your relationships has a direct link to your mental health, motivation and energy levels, impacting personal and professional aspects of life.

This is more than just a number on a table, but the reality of many, and perhaps it has been yours. If your love life has been affecting your ability to carry out daily tasks and your quality of life, it is advised that you seek help.

For spiritual support, you can count on the Universal Church to give you the care and boost that you need.  

This week in all our local Universal Churches, we will continue with the purpose, ‘12 Fridays of Purification with the Blessed Salt,’. We will be emphasising the purification of your love life.

You are invited to join us at your nearest Universal Church, bring some salt with you to be blessed during the service. You will learn how to use the salt to demonstrate your faith in God – the One who performs the purification in your life.


Event: 12 Fridays of Purification
Date and Time: Fridays at 7:30pm (also at 7am, 10am & 3pm)
Location: At your local Universal Church


If you urgently need to speak with one of us, contact our 24-Hour Helplines:

24-Hour WhatsApp: 020 7686 6010
24-Hour Helpline: 020 7686 6000

Sources: Divorce Rates in the UK

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