Why doesn’t this emptiness disappear?


Amidst the storm of responsibilities, information and interactions that characterise our digital age, a silent phenomenon has been quietly taking place in the lives of millions: inner emptiness. Even though we have endless possibilities at our disposal and freedom to make choices, many are those who achieve their goals and aspirations but still feel as though something is missing to bring meaning to their lives. We are not talking about loneliness or momentary dissatisfaction but about a deeper inner pain that steals people’s hope and motivation to live life to the fullest.

This emptiness can affect anyone, regardless of their social status or position. That’s why we see, for example, many successful celebrities with millions of fans and followers but who still carry this inexplicable emptiness. It’s important to understand that although this is something common nowadays, it shouldn’t be seen as normal, especially because there’s a path that leads to a fulfilled life.

The first words in the Bible describe how God created the heavens and earth. Every detail was carefully planned: the sea, the rivers, the land, the sky and even the air. When He created human beings, He made us similar to Him: “So God created man in His own image…” (Genesis 1.27). So, where does this emptiness that affects many people come from?

God created us to dwell within us, and through His Word, we understand that when something is not where it belongs, this generates a feeling of frustration and emptiness. The problem is that few people can understand this human need and many end up trying to fill something spiritual with physical and material things – such as financial success, relationships, parties, travels, alcohol, drugs, etc. These things may even bring some momentary joy, but this feeling goes away very soon and the emptiness only increases.

A matter of choice

Our Creator delights in filling the void of those who surrender their lives to Him and trust His promises. It’s up to us to decide to open the door of our hearts to Him and invite Him into our lives. It’s not about religion, but about having a relationship with God.

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