The Treasure

Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit,

the treasure message

Everything you do begins on the Altar; your communion with God is more important than anything else, this is why it is essential for you to continue working on it, and investing on your relationship with Him.

When we first come to God, we come contaminated with the things of the world, with bad habits, ideas and beliefs that have nothing to do with God. However, as we listen to His Word, it cleanses and purifies us, and that is when we begin a new life.

I read about different religions and tried multiple paths, but after humbling myself and deciding to listen, it was here at the UCKG that I found God; it was here that I found the treasure I had been searching for. I started reading His Word because I wanted to know Him more and when I found Him, my search stopped. I found a treasure here that is greater than any other treasure someone can find in this world.

‘Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field’ (Matthew 13:44).

People are always searching for this treasure, the treasure of the Kingdom of God. Every time I read this passage, I see myself as this man, because I have found the treasure that he found. He sold everything he had to buy that treasure because nothing could compare to its value, and nothing was more precious than that for him; he placed everything at a lower level in comparison to the treasure.

This treasure is the Holy Spirit. We can conquer anything in this life, but nothing can compare to this treasure. Don’t put your heart on things or people, make the Holy Spirit your priority and desire Him more than you desire anything else. Seek Him with all of your heart.

I came to understand that I had to sacrifice my previous life and detach from all earthly treasures to have the greatest Treasure of all.

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