The happiest point in a marriage is…

The happiest point in a marriage
It has its challenges, but those who learn to keep it will enjoy the benefit it brings – marriage.

A study, published in the journal Social Networks and the Life Course, discovered that couples were happiest when they reached the 20-year mark.

Researchers from the Pennsylvania State and Brigham Young Universities studied the marriages of 2,034 couples, with an average age of 35-37, and how their satisfaction changed over the years.

The study found that couples whose marriages lasted more than 20 years spent more time doing activities together than those in the honeymoon period. Also, over time, they develop “deeper levels of appreciation” for each other.

This Thursday at 8pm at the Love Therapy seminar we are calling all couples whom have been married for 20 years plus to join us where we have a special message prepared for you all.

It’s rare nowadays to be married for this amount of time, but it’s not impossible, those who work to keep their marriage until the end will enjoy the benefits it brings.

Invest in your marriage, invest in intelligent love.