The Effect a Word Can Have

There is a popular story of a man in Africa who went for a routine medical check-up. When it came to giving the man his results, the doctor asked him to bring his family along. The news was shocking: the doctor said that the man had malignant tumours throughout his body and that nothing could be done about it. He was told to enjoy the rest of his days, as he had a short time to live.

The man was very upset. He did not feel sick, so this news came as a shock to him. He quit his job and confined himself to his home. In a short period of time, he lost a lot of weight and even started walking on crutches. A while later, the doctor called him again. Apologising, he said it had all been a mistake. That diagnosis, in fact, belonged to someone else who had already passed away. This story shows us how a simple word can affect us.

The man not only received the word, but also accepted it. Consequently, he gave up on life and waited for death to come, only to find out that it was all a mistake. However, in the following story, we see an example of someone who received similar words, and although they weren’t a mistake, she didn’t accept them. She fought all she could to overcome her problem. Continue reading and be inspired by her story.