‘Returning to the Universal was my best decision’

attend the church, develop her spiritual life, I wanted to change my life,

Winfred‘I felt very lonely growing up; I thought nobody genuinely cared about me. When I was 16 and in a relationship, I decided to leave the church. Everything was going well for me until, one day, I was physically violent towards my former boyfriend. It was at this point that I decided to return to the church. I was 19, heartbroken, full of insecurities and angry towards myself and everyone.

Though the messages I was hearing were good and I wanted to take God seriously, I was not in a good place in my life, so at first, I wasn’t fully committed to my faith. Eventually, things began to click. I heard that God was good, that He would forgive me, regardless of my past, and the messages then started appealing to me, as they gave me hope when I felt my life was in a complete and utter rut’.

She made the decision to say goodbye to her past and to bad company. She thought that by doing that and starting to attend the church frequently, her life would automatically improve; however, soon she saw that to find the inner peace she wanted, she would need to do more.

‘I came to the realisation that I had lived my whole life in church and didn’t know God. So, I decided I wanted to change my life because I felt stuck. Through the messages I was hearing about self-acceptance, my eyes were opened.’

Shortly after Winfred made the decision to accept her Challenge of Faith and take the necessary steps to develop her spiritual life, she received the inner peace she had always craved. ‘The joy was unexplainable,’ she said. ‘Now I am no longer insecure or worried about what others think of me.’

Winfred Vumba

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