Islamic Palestinians fire more than 1600 projectiles at Israel in 4 days

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The Israeli anti-missile system is helping, but there are already casualties in the country

Islamic Palestinians have already fired 1,600 projectiles at Israel, many of which have been intercepted by the Israeli anti-missile system called the “Iron Dome”. Around 200 projectiles were launched but fell into the Gaza Strip, where the terrorists are based.

The attacks started on Monday, 10 May, when “Jerusalem Day”, which marks the Israeli conquest over the eastern part of the city in 1967, is celebrated. Two Islamic groups – Hamas and Jihad – claimed responsibility for the attacks.

At least 7 people have died in Israel so far as a result of the attacks, including an underage child. Hundreds were injured.

Israel responded to the attacks and the country’s army claims to have killed at least twenty militiamen.

In addition to airstrikes from the Gaza Strip, Israeli officials are also dealing with violent riots in cities where Arabs and Israelis live. The exact number of deaths in these conflicts is not yet known, as the place where the attacks are happening makes it difficult for the investigations to take place. Israeli police say they have already arrested 270 people involved in the riots.

At least 83 people have already died in the Gaza Strip alone. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was working for the good of the people of Israel. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is in the West Bank. He spoke to the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, to ask for help to end “Israeli attacks”.

The UN and United States work to restore order in the area.



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