Inauguration of the Universal Church in Japan!

Japan news

It is with great joy that the Universal Church was inaugurated in the city of Nagoya in Japan. The first meeting took place in early May and brought together 180 people.

It was a challenge to obtain a property that would permit us to rent and hold church meetings, but by faith and perseverance we have conquered it! The temple has a capacity of 150 people, ample parking spaces and rooms for the Children’s Biblical Centre (CBC).

“The community received us with open arms, many participated in the inauguration,” said Pastor Andre De Costa, responsible for that particular branch.

The Universal Church looks forward to bringing salvation to the people in Nagoya and as always will be available to offer them spiritual support, prayers and guidance.

A member of the church, Arlete Kato expressed, “This moment was a milestone in my walk with God. We’ve been waiting for this for 18 years and I had the privilege of being at that inauguration”.

The address of the church is: Aichi-Ken Nagoya-Shi Kyuban-Cho 3-3-3.

If you would also like to find the address to your nearest Universal Church in the UK, you can visit our addresses page!

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