Hear no evil?

Last week we started the thought-provoking series: The 5 Entry Doors for Evil, where we started learning how our senses can become our worst enemy when not attended. To kick start the 5-week study, we took a closer look at the first entry door for evil: the ears.

Our ears help us to hear what goes on around us, listen to what others say and keep us in the loop with what’s going on around but it can also be an entry door for evil. It can easily become a way in which information that can be dangerous to our faith reaches us.

The way our minds are wired and its negative bias, we’re most likely to register what is negative in our mind than what is positive. As human beings, it’s easier for us to dwell upon one negative word we hear than 10 positive ones, isn’t it?

This is why faith is so important if we want to keep what is negative out of our life. It helps us to ignore what goes against the odds. While all of us will unavoidably hear inappropriate conversations—even coming from well-intentioned friends—it’s up to us whether we’ll give ears to them or not.

One of the clearest examples of how to do this was from the Lord Jesus Himself. He wasn’t afraid of being blunt and even coming across as rude to cut off the negative talk (Matt. 16:23) and neither should we.

If we filter the voices that we allow in, we will avoid making regrettable decisions that will compromise our relationship with God in the future.

Are you ready to find out what the second door that evil uses to enter our lives is?

Join us today, at 7.30pm for the Faith School meeting.

Don’t forget to bring your Bible with you and come wearing a face covering and follow all social distancing guidelines.

Meeting: 5 Entry Doors to Evil during the Faith School
Day and time: Wednesday at 7.30pm (also at 7am, 10am and 3pm)
Location: Your local UCKG branch
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