Government faces opposition to Bible teaching in schools in Oklahoma (USA)

Government faces opposition to Bible teaching

There is a government project underway to implement Bible studies in schools in the state of Oklahoma, USA. The initiative originated in the State Department of Education and aims to teach students about the historical context of the Bible so that they can better understand the content of the Scriptures. However, a group has been mobilised against the project, claiming that State and religion should not mix.

For Ryan Walters, responsible for leading the project’s inclusion in schools, the opposition makes no sense since the State’s academic guidelines were taken into consideration and the Bible is a valuable historical book that was important to the development of the United States. He also added that the Bible helped to establish the country’s Constitution and that the Oklahoma State Statutes grant the institution the right to implement Bible studies in schools.

Rachel Laser, a representative of the organisation “Americans United for Separation of Church and State”, has been adamant about her position against Ryan and Bible studies in schools. She accused Ryan of practising “classical Christian nationalism” and stated that this makes him unfit to hold office.

Around the 17th century, many of the European immigrants who arrived in what is now the United States brought with them Christian values. However, over the centuries, the population has become increasingly distant from the Word of God. As a consequence, Christianity faces strong opposition in the country.

Source: Oklahoma mandates Bible teaching in schools

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