Godllywood Self-Help Meeting

Godllywood self help meeting
She’s strong, she’s capable, and she multi-tasks but there is one thing that always seems to get her…her heart!

Last week Saturday, we held our first Godllywood Self-help meeting of the year, these meetings are uniquely designed prepared for women of all ages.

Saturday’s meeting focused on a particular problem every woman encounters, the battle between the heart and mind. Mrs Helena who lead the meeting explored different points on how our heart makes you feel and the consequences of it.9W1A0294

A simple scenario was acted out to demonstrate how our heart is frequently inclined to its desires whereas our spirit/mind is the total opposite. Our minds don’t depend on its surroundings or circumstances it does what is right and what needs to be done – it sacrifices.

How can I overcome the inclination of my heart? When I strengthen my spirit (mind) Mrs Helena explained.

That which we feed the most will become the strongest!

“The meeting was a blessing, I know that the heart is deceitful however when we are in situations what we are feeling tends to make more sense than what we think! If we allow that to take over it will lead to doubts and not allow us to trust in God. The message was straight to the point and we should only allow God to guide our lives.” Fernanda Neves

“I need to make sure my relationship with God is in tack, in order for me to bulletproof my emotions. When I make my relationship with God my priority His will, therefore becomes a priority. My relationship with God will help me bulletproof how I feel because I prioritise His will above my own.” Precious Abdul

The conclusion of the message is “A covenant/pact with God will bulletproof your heart.”

Are you looking forward to the next Godllywood Self-help meeting? Keep your eyes out for more info.