Four qualities that God wants to see in you

Four Qualities
This is the way for people to be successful in their financial life.

There are four qualities that God considers essential for a person to be successful. You can see this through the verse below:

Then the Lord said to Satan, ‘Have you considered My servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and shuns evil?” (Job 1:8)

Let’s understand each point:

1- Be blameless
This is synonymous with being virtuous. If you want to be successful with God, He will see if you are virtuous in your work, with the boss, employees, or if you do things anyhow – if you are virtuous with the clients and especially with Him (through tithes, purposes and covenants).

Think: How will God honour the work of a dishonest person? Analyse your work to see if you have integrity and fidelity.

2- Be upright
For the Lord to bless you, you must know what you want, have a firm purpose, persevere, and walk righteously towards this objective. In other words, don’t give up along the way, have goals, targets, knowing where you want to go.

 3- Be God-fearing
That is, have respect and respect His position as first in your life. He is not second or third, but first. Your business, money or work cannot be more important.

Furthermore, your respect towards Him cannot change because you have improved in life or are going through difficulties. You must stay the same towards him in any circumstance.

All of Job’s suffering lasted approximately one year. The devil touched almost everything, but at no time did Job abandon his faith and his fear of the Most High. If you’re in the same situation, know that fights are inevitable, but that everything will pass. This fight will not be forever, as long as you respect Him and keep Him in first place.

4- Shuns evil
This means being attentive and vigilant not to give in to improper proposals, such as giving up or corrupting yourself. The Father will also alert you and will not allow you to fall into a hole.

Having these characteristics is worth it. Sometimes it may seem like you’re losing out, but God will manifest Himself on your behalf, and what you will receive will be much more than you expect, just as it was with Job.

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