First Godllywood Self-Help Meeting of the year

Godllywood self help meeting
Women have a strength that they themselves are often unaware of. A woman is able to fulfil multiple roles: from a professional to a wife, mother, housewife, friend, daughter and so many other roles, in today’s society, they are seen as superheroines.

However, every woman has weaknesses, do you know what they are? That’s what we will explore in our first Godllywood self-help meeting of the year.

The Godllywood Self-help meeting was conceived by writer, presenter and speaker Cristiane Cardoso (based in Brazil) with the aim of rescuing values forgotten by modern day society and helping women to be better in all aspects: at home, at work, as a wife, in their career, mother, daughter and, above all, as a person.

Who can participate:

All women are welcome to attend this special meeting, regardless of their religious background. If you want to become a better version of yourself in 2023 then save this date in your calendar to receive wisdom of pearls at our first Godllywood Self-help meeting of the year.

Event: Godllywood Self-help meeting
Date and Time: Saturday, 4 February at 3pm
Location: Rainbow Theatre, London N4 3NX – outside London branches can attend this meeting via online conference at their branch please visit