Fighting food poverty in the UK

Did you know that although the UK is the sixth richest country in the world, its food poverty rate is the highest in Europe?

According to a report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee, nearly six million adults and 1.7 million children were struggling to obtain enough food between September 2020 and February 2021.

Most people fall into food poverty because of a low and unreliable income. This became worse during the pandemic where low wages and the absence of work for some adults, had them resorting to other means to feed their family, especially since when schools were closed and children had to spend their whole day at home.

In order to fight against the crisis, even before the pandemic hit so hard, the UCKG HelpCentre has been running  Soup Kitchen’s, food banks and other outreach activities to help the community in order to respond to the overwhelming need of the nation.

This great work that helps thousands across the UK every week, would not be possible without the help of volunteers who spend their time helping those in need, waking up early to cook on Saturday morning’s for no income but just out of the joy that comes from helping others.

“I love helping in the Food Bank. It’s rewarding to give back to our community and know that through our giving families are being impacted in a positive way.” – Keeley Auguste

If you or someone you know would like to benefit from this work, see below the location of your nearest UCKG Soup Kitchen or Food Bank.

Soup Kitchens

🔹Rainbow Theatre
232 Seven Sisters Road
N4 3NX

🔹 Catford UCKG HelpCentre
1 Bromley Rd,

🔹 Kilburn UCKG HelpCentre
234 Kilburn High Road,

🔹 Peckham UCKG HelpCentre
176 Rye Lane,
SE15 4NF

🔹 Leeds UCKG HelpCentre
12 Regent Street

Food Banks

🔹 Plaistow UCKG HelpCentre
St. Andrews’s Church,
St.Andrew’s Road, Plaistow
E13 8QD

🔹 Croydon UCKG HelpCentre
12-14 London Road,
West Croydon,

🔹 Stamford Hill UCKG HelpCentre
Loyola Hall,
70 High Road,
N15 6JU

🔹 Edmonton UCKG HelpCentre
1st Floor,
6a Sterling Way,
N18 2XZ

🔹 Stratford UCKG HelpCentre
7 The Grove,
E15 1EL

🔹 Tooting UCKG HelpCentre
145 Upper Tooting Road,
SW17 7TJ

For more UCKG HelpCentre locations, visit (the listed locations above are the only Soup Kitchens or Food Banks).

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