Do not accept to stay in your comfort zone anymore

with the help of God,

Do not accept to stay in your comfort zone anymore


Your finances can only change when you take action

Our comfort zone consists of actions, thoughts, and habits that we have that do not create any risk or danger. It brings a false sense of security, but it impedes us from moving, evolving, and growing.

Someone in this situation gets too comfortable even if they are living in misery or facing financial and personal difficulties. After all, changing is much harder and tiring, so they prefer to accept things as they are.

On the other hand, there is a living and supernatural faith that makes a person revolted, unhappy with their situation and ready to do what is necessary to see the miracle happen. You can already see that faith and being in a comfort zone don’t mix, so how do you get out of that place?

Many people see their finances, company or business dying and just stand idly by, unwilling to take any action. Instead of fighting with the help of God and believing in the miracle, they cry and surrender to their problems, staying in their comfort zone, as they believe that there is no way out. Miracles don’t happen if you don’t revolt against the problem and act.

Be deaf to negative words

Jairus was a character in the Bible who went through a similar situation. However, when he saw that his daughter was about to die, he decided not to stay at home crying with the others, but to go after Jesus, Who could solve that problem.

When he decided to leave his comfort zone and fight for the miracle, he came across many obstacles. Halfway through, his daughter died, and he was even teased when the Lord said she was only asleep (read Mark 5:35-36 and Mark 5:39-40).

When you decide to fight for change, you bother those around you who have decided to surrender to their feelings and give in to negative words. They are so sceptic that they laugh, mock, and doubt. The problem with many people is that they feed themselves with bad words. They hear a negative word, let it in and surrender. Don’t allow negative people to be part of your life. Stay away from toxic people.

The secret for Jairus to overcome that situation (and that will also help you) was to:

“Do not be afraid; only believe” (Mark 5:36).

It is your faith that should control the situation and not the opposite. Jairus believed, even when he received bad news. Although everyone around him was crying, he remained unshaken, because he held on to Jesus’ Word. Note that the miracle started when Jairus stepped out of his comfort zone. Analyse yourself. Does the same apply to you? Your life will change if you step out of your comfort zone, both at the Altar and outside (at your job, your company, etc.).

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