Caleb Group intercedes on behalf of those in the Care home

Caleb Intercessor This month of May the Caleb group was in full action, as they visited various Care Homes across the UK.

Providing; pampering, sing-alongs, short performances, hampers, and prayers to the residents and care workers their visit for many marked a memorable day.

One of the care home workers stated “We were amazing today, residents, staff and family members could not contain themselves. They danced and sang along and there were tears of joy due to past memories, what more could we possibly ask for.”

The Caleb group looks forward to more visits in their local area, as they have received care and devotion from this group they desire to do the same by giving it back in these special projects.

Caleb is a special interest group of the Universal Church that aims to support and assist seniors from age 55 up, and to meet the varied needs of people at different stages in their later years. If you or someone you know would like to participate in one of the Caleb activities you can speak to one of your Pastors at your local Universal Church for more info.