A secret about love you need to know


Something that few people know is that love and hate can be learnt. You are not born loving, nor hating anyone or anything. The quality of your relationship with something or someone sprouts through the experiences you have by interacting with it.

For example, when a person becomes interested in an activity, they start obtaining information about it. They learn and start putting it into practice and before they know it, they get good at it. Therefore, the love of this activity only grows as time goes on.

Love and hate are choices. A person who chooses to look at something with good eyes looks for positive information about it, wants to be closer to it, has good experiences and is satisfied by it. And this works for all areas of our lives.

The same thing happens with the person who says they no longer love their partner or who confesses they cannot love God or has a grudge towards someone. The person solely focuses on the bad report regarding that person, activity or item. They choose to see things with bad eyes. After prolonging this attitude for a long time, a dislike occurs.

Only if this could be resolved then love comes back into the relationship. So, it’s really hard to say that love actually ended… what must have happened was that you stopped looking at your partner with good eyes. Therefore, instead of focusing on the negative side, start looking at their virtues, qualities and remember the good old days.

God’s love works the same way. For a person to love Him, they have to bring to mind the qualities of the Almighty One and information about Him. A person has to seek Him and think about Him all the time.

Why don’t you make this challenge? Start looking at the good side of things and fill yourself with positive information about God and the people around you. Put aside hatred, grudges, prejudice, bitterness or any other bad thought or feelings.