Are You Using the Right Strategy?

Love comes around in different ways; no two stories are the same. Those hoping that their dreams may come true just like in the Hollywood romantic comedy they watched last night might have to think again… or do they?

Justin McLeod, founder and chief executive of dating app Hinge, had a strategy. His motive for creating the app was to help him get over a heartbreak that had occurred five years before, where his college sweetheart left him because of his alcohol addiction.

“He had subsequently gone to rehab and successfully sobered up, but he had not been able to move on romantically.”* Although he did not find love via the app, he decided to pursue his former love instead. This resulted in him and his ex getting back together a month before she was due to marry someone else.

A beautiful love story? Sounds a lot like a romcom, but the thing that most romantic films fail to acknowledge is that someone is usually left heartbroken. We can’t help but root for the protagonist. Justin McLeod found happiness with his ex – in fact, she is now his wife – but what about the person she was going to marry before he came back into her life? Was their love not real? Does love have to disappoint in this way?

When you learn to love intelligently, there doesn’t have to be any heartbreak involved if you are committed to trying a different strategy that you may be used to. And the Love Therapy is available to teach you. You will learn the importance of working on yourself and building a foundation and relationship first and foremost with the Author of love.

This is a recipe for success! Many people have found their other halves by attending the meetings, avoiding the complications and any potential heartbreak. Connect to the online seminars and make the Love Therapy part of your strategy for finding love.

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