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A bebida virou um problema, confessa Brad Pitt

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Recently, Brad Pitt, one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood (United States), was on the cover of the new edition of the magazine “ GQ Style ” ( photo on the right ), the first after the announcement of the end of his relationship with actress Angelina Jolie. The two were married for 12 years.

In the interview, the actor commented on his childhood in Springfield, United States, and how he became an alcoholic. According to him, the addiction was not cut when he married Angelina, which became an unsustainable difficulty.

“I don’t remember a day when I left school and didn’t get drunk or use a joint . I stopped all that when I started my family, except drinking. Last year I drank too much. It became a problem,” he confessed.

How an addict thinks

Many people suffer from some type of addiction , be it compulsive eating, gambling, pornography, drugs or alcohol, like Brad Pitt.

According to Bishop Rogério Formigoni, responsible for Treatment for the Cure of Addictions at Universal, addiction is any repetitive action that causes damage. In any addiction, the person will have the same symptom, a voice that says it’s just for today and that the person will stop. “A spirit that dominates her mind”, warns the bishop.

The mind of an addict makes him lose affection for his family and, worse, love for his own life. “And it’s no use trying to move the addict with emotional blackmail (saying you’re going to leave or admit him to a clinic). His mind is seared with vice and dominated by the spirit of vice.”

Is it possible to get rid of this evil

For society, addiction is a disease that has no cure. However, through faith it is possible to completely get rid of any evil. Just want.

Do you need to break free from an addiction or know someone who needs help? Know that this is possible. Join our Addiction Treatment , held every Sunday at 3pm at the Rainbow Theatre.

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