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Church Attendance

Why go to church?

Believers find support and comfort in their faith that does not seem to be available from any other source.

Although many people are happy to live in a highly secular environment, and church attendance in the UK is low, there would appear to be huge numbers searching for some sort of spirituality. The upsurge of New Age thinking and interest in alternative therapies that call for recognition of a Supreme Being, point in this direction, and there is no doubt that many people still turn to churches in times of severe personal difficulty.

Nonetheless, there are parts of the world – Africa is an excellent example – where Christianity is gaining many converts.

What is different about this church?

The UCKG HelpCentre aims to enable people to get close to God in an informal and relaxed environment where they can focus on what He is saying. The focus is on connecting directly to God and not allowing formal religious ceremonies to get in the way, so services are markedly different from those of other Christian denominations.

The UCKG HelpCentre is committed to making the Bible relevant and applicable to modern day life, so that it is more meaningful for members.

Besides spiritual support and comfort, the church offers a range of practical support activities. It works hard to meet the needs of all age groups and walks of life, and does not shy away from challenging situations.