I have been praying, fasting, seeking and praising God… I have been doing everything that I have been taught. So why haven’t I been baptised with the Spirit of God?

The answer to this question requires you to make a deep and sincere self-analysis, to look deep within and at your faith. Let’s introduce you to some of the reasons and obstacles that may have impeded you from conquering what you want the most:

  • Living in the past, blaming what happened in your past, using it as an excuse for everything that happens in your present.
  • You cannot forgive someone for something that they have said or done to you.
  • You don’t prioritize what’s most important, that is, God. You always have someone or something else in first place.
  • You do everything your way, no matter how many times you say that you will listen to what the men of God say. You always end up doing things according to your own will.
  • You live focused only on yourself. You only live and fight for what will satisfy you.
  • You are not a good example to others, be it at home, at work, amongst friends, because you do not apply outside what you learn in the HelpCentre.

After this self-analysis, if you have identified yourself with one or more of these points, then this Fast of Daniel is for you!

Do what you have never done before. Switch yourself off from everything that can make you inattentive to the voice of God and turn you away from His Presence. Give yourself 100% and be baptised with the Holy Spirit!