Ela decidiu não se entregar ao sofrimento


isa-mae.300x200The whole of Brazil wept with her, revolted, spent hours and hours in front of the news wanting to understand that dark tragedy that occurred on the night of March 29, 2008.

We’re talking about Ana Carolina Oliveira, now 32 years old, mother of little Isabella Nardoni ( photo of both the side ), then almost 5 years old, found dead in the garden of a building located in the north of São Paulo, after being thrown by the 6th floor window.

His father, Alexandre Nardoni, and stepmother, Anna Carolina Jatoba, were sentenced by the courts for child murder and now serving time in São Paulo.

Eight years passed in this sad tragedy, and when remembered, still causes great grief in people. Isabella would have today 14 years.

sofrimento.300x200Desolate, mother – at the time only 24 years old – faced the worst days of his life, but over time, ensures the pain gave way to beautiful memories of the little girl, however, pointed out, “I I chose to be happy, because it was exactly what Isabella saw me: a happy person, “he said in an interview with Gugu program, broadcast by Rede Record TV on Wednesday (27).

She decided to be happy

During the interview, she said she had two ways to go: one was to be crying, suffering and mourning all the time, and the other, go ahead and try to be happy. She chose the latter, but for that it took a lot of determination, prayer, faith, because the pain was, in fact, lacerating.

But Hannah continued. Invested itself and, thank God – reflects – had full support from family and friends to continue life. She then ran after happiness and, more recently, Brazil again had heard from her.

ana gravida.300x200Ana remade life, married Vinicius Francomano administrator ( pictured right ), 29, and became pregnant again. A little over a month, was born little Miguel ( photo below ), bringing light and joy to the life of the couple, and even giving Carolina a chance to share a life truly happy family.

Resume Today

Losing a loved one, a child, a mother, or whoever – tragically or not – is always an incomparable pain, but like everything in life, we can not deliver us to this pain, we must continue and above all, do not lose heart that one day everything will go, but where we can have this force, for example, when the suffering is latent and seems to have no end?

ana-bebe.300x200In one of the writer’s posts and lecturing Renato Cardoso , on his personal blog, he gives good reasons to renew the hopes and be confident that better days will come. One of them, he points out that there is no bad situation that lasts forever, because the Bible itself describes in the book of Job, chapter 11, verse 16, the following: ” Because you forget the fatigue and remember thou shalt him as waters that have passed . (Job 11:16)

“God promised and can not lie: will never be more than you can handle (wrote, referring to the problems and pain that we face in our way). Might think or feel not, but the truth is that you can meet that bar. What’s more, you can overcome it. Your problems will never be greater than you. God is faithful and will not let you be tempted beyond what you are able. (Read 1 Corinthians 10:13), “he says in another passage.

If you want to read the full post, click here .

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