9 sinais de fraqueza espiritual

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Assess if there are any – or some – of them in your life and know how to act.

shutterstock_292678880.300x200The Christian life is a constant battle, both in the physical as well, especially in the spiritual. Remain strong spiritually with the revived faith is the only way to remain victorious in this battle. And this is the great challenge.

Therefore, in the Bible, the apostle Paul leaves the warning: . He therefore that thinketh he standeth, do not fall” 1 Corinthians 10:12

He also teaches the secret to keep standing , ” Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16

Walking in the Spirit is to walk always attentive to the voice of God, prioritize fellowship with Him and feed the spirit through the Word of God and prayer reading. These practices are essential to develop intimacy with God and consequently terms sensitivity to hear and obey His voice. Otherwise, we will be spiritually weak and easy prey for evil action.

See below some of the symptoms that a person has when it is weak spiritually:

1 – Pride

Just as humility is the main feature of the born of God, pride is the main characteristic of those born of the flesh. So the first thing that happens when a person is spiritually weak is she lose that humility. Pride begins to speak up, to stand out, and she can not see how much needs help. Instead, this is false wellness printing; not even recognize their own faults. On the other hand, his eyes are sharp for the mistakes of others.

2 – Selfishness

It loses sensitivity to the needs of others, going to only be concerned with their own needs. Even in the face of someone who is suffering, not sensitizes. If before she thirsted to evangelize now avoids.

3 – indefinite Faith

The weak person spiritually is easily identified by its inconstancy in faith. If before she had a definite faith, now a small obstacle is enough to make her doubt and even give up. It has become a gullible person.

4 – not fast and not now as before

His prayer becomes cold, mechanical – that when you pray. then fasting becomes very difficult for her. And goes to fast less and less, and when fasting ends up breaking the fast, because you can not stay in the Spirit. When attending a meeting at the moment to seek God, can not concentrate and open your eyes frequently.

5 – Infidelity in tithes and votes

Even still tithe payer no longer has the same fear and the concern of separating the firstfruits unto God. Never mind often, and when he remembers, has even used part of the value. Wishes? To do, but most often fails.

6 – Fear / Doubt

We have said that the weak person spiritually has an indefinite faith, fickle; now believes, why do not believe. Thus, it is easily bombed by doubt and fear, negative thoughts gain strength, and it becomes even more vulnerable to evil action. A potential victim of the devil’s onslaughts.

8 – Discouragement to read the Bible

She has no more interest in reading the Bible. Every time you open the Bible to read, discouragement takes hold, you feel sleepy and then abandons the reading, which becomes increasingly scarce.

9 – Bad eyes

She no longer has the spiritual vision became malicious. Pass to judge everyone and everything. Does not accept reproof, instead, when it is called to the attention, it is the victim feels wronged and is filled with wrath. You can not view God’s care in a reprimand.

Now make one self-analysis and to identify at least one of these signs in your life, it’s time to stop, seek the forgiveness of God and the spiritual revival:

“Likewise the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we know not what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with sighs too deep. “ Romans 8:26

Join on Sundays, the meeting of the Encounter with God in Universal, and restore their faith and their communion with Him, that the Holy Spirit can improve it continuously.

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