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It is Finished!

He went through it all so you wouldn't

Paid in full!

What if all your debts could be written off?

What if we were to tell you that this is possible? The debt we are referring to here is beyond paying back what you owe to someone or to a corporation. It’s the often unknown price hanging over our heads every single day. The by product of this debt is all the misery that we see nowadays – sickness, separation, heartache, pain etc – and no matter what we do, could have done or hope to do, we are unable to pay it back on our own, we always come short. That’s why Jesus’ famous last words “It is finished” or “Tetelestai” in Greek, meaning “paid in full” are critical to our lives today.

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We said 'It is finished' to our problems

Preparation is key!

You’ve understood what the event is about. You’ve seen the testimonies. You want to attend. Now what? Doing something without a defined goal often gets people going around in circles and never really getting anywhere. Here are 3 simple steps in preparation for the “IT IS FINISHED” event on Good Friday, to help you define your goal.

THINK. Take time to make a self analysis to indentify what your main problem is.

WRITE IT DOWN. Jot down what you need God’s help with on a piece of paper or fill it out in the fields below. Be specific!

COME. Don’t let anything distract you; come on Good Friday to receive powerful prayer for God’s intervention towards what you have written down.


If you can't wait until Good Friday

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