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We know that Abraham was called the friend of God” (James 2:23), but there is a detail in this verse, which we do not usually notice: The Bible does not say that God was Abraham’s friend—though He was—, but that Abraham was God’s friend. This is not an accident.

To start a friendship, it is necessary for both parties to be willing to put in the effort, but this is not what has happened between most people and God. Everything God has done with regards to mankind shows how much He is willing to be a Friend to each one of us, but mankind has not shown willingness to be God’s friend.

When we analyse the characteristics of a friend, we understand why most people are not able to build a friendship with the Almighty, and why Abraham was called the “friend of God”.

  • Consideration: What we have noticed is that people live as if God does not exist, disregarding what He says. But Abraham considered the words, guidance and counsel of God; he acted in accordance with them.
  • Respect: We disrespect God when His authority and sovereignty are not recognised, and this is precisely what we observe in the behaviour of many. But Abraham feared God, therefore, he obeyed and surrendered to Him.
  • Willingness to helpPeople are only concerned about their own problems and with their own lives. Selfishness has prevailed and, if they are no longer willing to help those they can see, how will they contribute to Someone they cannot see? But Abraham was so willing to cooperate with the God’s plan that he sacrificed every day for Him.
  • Communication: Communication with God becomes impossible when a person’s mind is focused on earthly things, and this is precisely the kind of mind most people have. But Abraham’s mind was focused on eternal things. So God spoke to him, and he listened to His voice.
  • Confidence: Most people manifest a weak and emotional faith, which is shaken with the first setback they’re faced with. They begin to question, doubt and soon abandon God. Abraham trusted God so much that he believed His promise would be fulfilled even if it meant he would have to sacrifice his only son on the Altar.

Many people expect a friendship from God, but they do not do what it takes to be God’s friend. They want to reap the benefits of God’s favours, but are not willing to be favourable to Him and His plans. God is willing to be everyone’s Friend, but few are willing to be a friend to His.

Abraham did not work any miracles, but he was the miracle itself, because he heard EVERY Word of the Most High. For this reason, he became a reference.

Do you want to be God’s friend? Look to Abraham” (Isaiah 51:2).

Bishop Edir Macedo
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