Where is my phone!?

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How often do you put your keys
or your phone down and completely forget where you put them? I’m sure we’ve all experienced the panic that comes with realising we’ve lost something.

We’re taught from a very young age that if we want to avoid losing something then we should have a designated place for it, so that we know where it is when we need it.

The same goes for the members of a family, everyone holds a special place and sometimes a distinct role. Just like our belongings, in a family, every time something is out of place it can cause problems. However, we miss the point and get caught up in what everyone else is not doing instead of focusing on ourselves. Everyone wants their spouse, parents, siblings etc. to fulfil their responsibilities, whilst no one focuses on their own.

We are all trying to change each other when really the only person we can change is ourselves. In most cases, the simple solution to many family problems is to not point fingers but instead to reflect on yourself and your behaviour. That’s not to say you should be dismissive of others shortcomings, it simply implies that you should focus more on your own. No one is perfect but it’s our duty to work on the one we can change – ourselves. Instead of being angry at your phone for going missing, take responsibility for where you put it.

Although family is very important, it is often easy to just dismiss them because they are hard work. However, we should continue to try, and with the intervention of God through the power of prayer and faith we can build peaceful homes. God will work with you to work on your family.

This Sunday at the 10am service, Bishop James and Mrs Helena will pray for your family, don’t miss this opportunity, invite your family to attend too, so that they can join your faith in prayer. For more information about the Universal Church call or WhatsApp us on 020 7686 6000.